Hi, I am Sean Kelsey.

I’m Kansas born and raised by a traditional farming family. I had been interested in general photography for a few years, but after a friend invited me to shoot at a Barrel race at Domer Arena in Topeka, I was hooked!

At the same time my daughter, who was 2 at the time, was becoming fascinated in horses. My wife and I took her to a Barrel race just to see real horses, one of the riders offered to let her ride back to the trailer... she too was hooked! She now rides that same horse in peewee races and frequently asks when her next race will be. For good reason, my daughter is my biggest fan. She loves to sit with, me while I edit photos, and look at all the beautiful horses doing their races.

In addition to horses, I’ve also dabbled in action shots of state birds in local parks and I’ve recently started getting my feet wet doing senior photos. By far my favorite part of all this is seeing the look on people’s faces when they see their prints. It’s a memory that will last forever and never be forgotten. It’s because of this, that if possible I like to hand deliver your prints and look forward to being your photographer. 



“Sean was able to provide a fun comfortable space to have fun and capture the love for my animals. He took my muddy home and animals and created a snapshot of a few of my most cherished things. I highly recommend taking the small amount of time out of your day to create a keepsake of the animals we hold so close in this easy easy format!!”